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I Pastor Hilton Biswas from Bangladesh. and i greet to you from Bangladesh.

you maybe saw i do not use Pastor before my name

and i request you brother, please feel free to ask me anything you want to know.

Are you a pastor?

HB:Yes I just complete

What did you “complete”?

HB: pastor course

I would like to examine your pastor course.

HB: i am sorry brother! i do not want to give exam.. but want to learn from you about it.. please help me to understand

This is why it’s necessary to examine your course. Do you have any literature? (From “Grace Bible College”, where he claims he completed a course)

HB:  i tried to find them in online for more information but i can’t

Neither could/would he give me their address or phone number.

What do you believe about baptism ?

Answer unclear.

Where is grace bible college?

No clear answer.

What were you taught by them?

No clear answer.

Remember though:

HB: “and i request you brother, please feel free to ask me anything you want to know.”

Who do you buy blankets from?

HB: Local Muslims.

Are there not any CHristians selling blankets?

No response.

It seems abundantly clear to me (when nothing else he says is) that Hilton desires to keep me in the dark on every question I ask, but clearly states he wants money. He has no problem telling me in English why he thinks he needs money. He must be aware that he jeopardizes his income if he says the wrong thing, so he refuses to answer anything about what he teaches, what he was taught, where the school that supposedly gave him a pastor certificate is located, or it’s phone number so i can verify his claim.. He claims his connection is slow and his English is not good.

Jimmy Miller, Founder of GMFC, must have assumed the authority to command me to cease communication with Hilton, then either (or also) blocked or unfriended me, and has not replied to my Feb 7 email, which I sent again on Saturday Feb 14th.

I will no longer support his ministry, or anyone else’s who refuses to answer my questions.

I sent an email to Jimmy Miller on Feb 7th, 2015, but he has not yet responded to it. Patti sent him a pm apologizing for anything she may have said that he took offense at, and he replied to her, saying he would correspond with us, but he has yet to do so. It is now May 25, 2015

Yesterday, May 24th, Jimmy Miller told me to never contact him again.

  • Alan Ray The above are excerpts from days of pm with Hilton. You can clearly see that Hilton introduced himself to me as “PASTOR” Hilton Biswas, then later in his communication he denied he uses that title.
  • Alan Ray Marvin Heiman asked me to find out what Hilton is teaching and “hold his feet to the fire”, then attacked me when I found Hilton an evasive liar. Jimmy did the same. That Neither of them know what Hilton teaches is obvious.
  • Michelle Scott Hamilton The world is filled with deceivers seeking financial gain.

    I think it is a waste of time to go after them, at least I am not so inclined today. There’s probably 99 million of them. My hope is we only need very, very few to do what is right and true and the charlatans will flee….

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  • Alan Ray it is sad that there are countless greedy “ministries” deceiving people for money, but when i find one i wont be silent.
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  • Alan Ray Miller threatened me with legal action yesterday, and had one of my posts deleted by fb
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  • Alan Ray But he didnt complain about the op in the string where i exposed HIS ministry, which was exposing another fake
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  • Michelle Scott Hamilton He won’t sue you because it will shame him and he is in Bangladesh from what I can tell.

    We each have different gifts and yours may be for justice or correction, be well.

  • Alan Ray Jimmy Miller lives in Florida on a “compound with his wife, and Marvin and Vicki Heiman. Miller founded Global Missions for children, and solicits donations for Hilton Biswar. He refuses to answer any questions as Hilton does.
  • Melissa Sharon Did you not admit in writing that you were impatient with Hilton Biswas?
  • Melissa Sharon “You can clearly see that Hilton introduced himself to me as “PASTOR” Hilton Biswas, then later in his communication he denied he uses that title.”

    This could be a language issue. He may introduce himself as pastor H.B. but prefer you to just call him Hilton.

    It is possible that H.B. is not who he says he is. But it is also possible that Marvin and Jimmy are seeking to discover more about him.

    I would imagine that any new ministry has kinks to work out, and these take time. Can you imagine if the Apostle Paul was judged by the state of the Corinthian church? People might have thought he was a fake, had they not realized that growth takes time and much patient teaching/learning.

  • Alan Ray When a pastor evades any and every question asked about what he teaches, how he spends donated funds, if he pastors a church or not, where and what he was taught, why he thinks he’s qualified to be a pastor…. and the overseeing ministry attacks the person who THEY ASKED to monitor that pastor when he reveals these facts- with evidence, there is no doubt a great problem that should not be dismissed as if they are truly working out the kinks. They have HUGE kinks they REFUSE to address.
  • Melissa Sharon I agree that the problem shouldn’t be dismissed. However, if the overseeing ministry deems that you are too impatient to be helpful, they may be trying to fix the problem themselves.
  • Alan Ray I did apologize for becoming impatient with Hilton’s evading my every question, but i did not and do not repent of asking him any question i asked
  • Alan Ray Miller said he would answer Patti and my questions in FEBUARY, and yet he refuses. He and Kerrigan now think i have not truly repented, and think i should drop it all completely. Then let someone else ask them what Hilton is teaching, or ask Hilton themselves [be sure to ask him about his FAMILY FIRST, for that is a prerequisite according to Marvin and Jimmy that qualifies you to probe Hilton] and see if they will provide evidence of that and of where all those donations are going.
  • Melissa Sharon Unless you are 100% certain that H.B. has been found truly guilty of withholding information and deceiving, I don’t think continual FB exposes are wise or righteous. There are 2 reasons I’m not convinced that H.B. is a fraud (though he might be)–

    1.) The language barrier, and your admitted impatience with him.
    2.) The fact that the overseeing ministry may have done their own examination of him since your examination of him, found it satisfactory, and not taken you into their confidence due to the strife between you.

  • Melissa Sharon Ray, I see their point of view. You apologized and asked forgiveness. Then you brought it up again repeatedly. Obviously there is a disagreement, but we can’t control other believers.

    I understand you still think H.B. is a fraud, and that’s possible. However you can’t control how other people operate in ministry. I believe in trying to control through repeated emails and “exposes,” you have made it so that they don’t want to deal with you anymore. This does not mean they aren’t looking into H.B. further. Unfortunately, their not dealing with you anymore only confirms in your mind that they aren’t trying to do the right thing.

  • Melissa Sharon Your calling them a “cult” and saying they “live on a compound” etc. is also not helpful, and does not demonstrate an honest attempt to understand them. There was a time when you and Patti and I talked about how we’d love to all live and minister together.
  • Alan Ray Melissa you are grossly mistaken to continue to assume that i ever apologized for asking Hilton to be accountable, as I have already said i never have, and yes, i bring that issue up again and again because it has not been resolved. Have you forgotten that Marvin explicitly said he and Jimmy OWE ME NO ACCOUNTABILITY? I was told to shut up. This is the very way the three cults I’ve been part of over the space of 10 years taught me how cults operate.The Lord opened my eyes to their manipulation and intimidation methods by allowing me to be a part of them until I learned my lesson so well I was qualified to warn others.
  • Alan Ray THEY have called it the compound! But that is totally inconsequential.
  • Alan Ray Melissa, if you have been supporting GMFC, it’s your personal responsibility to know those you support. Now, especially after having been warned about Hilton Biswar, if you continue to support that ministry, knowing how I have been treated after revealing my findings to it, having been falsely accused, rejected, silenced, condemned as a “child of the devil”, and threatened with legal action if i continue revealing those findings and the other hateful responses from the leaders, you are a partaker of those evil deeds.
  • Alan Ray i have never imagined nor pretended to control some pastor in Pakistan or two men in Florida by emails, by ignoring them, or by threats. But they have attempted to control me by those things. And they are very frustrated that their intimidation and forbidding me to speak have not been successful.
Alan Ray I have absolutely no hope to someday control the Children of God cult, the Jim Roberts cult, or the James Butler cult I was once part of. But I will certainly make every effort to keep others from being deceived and manipulated by them and every other corrupt ministry i become aware of, out of love for the brethren.

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  1. Alan Ray If you can say “it’s possible” that Hilton is a fraud, you manifest your inability to make a judgement based on your own investigation. Am I correct to imagine that you haven’t done any?

    Melissa Sharon You are very much incorrect to imagine. I am satisfied by my inquiry today that he is legit, and that the ministry is doing all they can to oversee and help him. They have known him for 2+ years. They have been giving him ministry materials and helping him with doctrinal issues. The money they have given to him is accounted for each month.

    Alan Ray have you been provided an audit?

    Alan Ray OK Melissa, have you been in contact with Hilton and asking him yourself what he teaches, where he got his certificate, and if he calls himself Pastor? Or do you take Jimmy Miller’s word for everything?

    Melissa Sharon You know yourself that he needs no certificate. Who cares if he calls himself pastor? Why are you, a professing Christian, so desirous of another man’s blood?

    Alan Ray your blood be on your own head. Support the cult till God shows you what I’ve seen.

    Alan Ray I never suggested he NEEDED any certificate. He offered that knowledge to me, so I attempted to find out what he had been taught to no avail

    Melissa Sharon He is under their supervision, and is receiving and using ministry materials they give to him. He is in communication with them regularly. He answers to them for the few dollars they give him. If you don’t trust them, don’t give them money.

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